'Chicago P.D.' kills central character in season finale

Fans of Chicago PD were in shock when a beloved character was "killed" 

Since 2014 America has been hooked on a police procedural drama called Chicago PD. The TV show focuses on the officers of the 21st District of the Chicago Police and their fight against the criminals that infest their city's streets.

One of the main characters is Henry "Hank" Voight, a crooked cop who goes straight, and another is Detective Alvin Olinsky, a veteran undercover officer. He was a friend of Voight's who previously worked with him in the dangerous Gang Unit. 

The loyal Detective Alvin Olinsky is magnificently portrayed by actor Elias Koteas who lent the character a depth and likeability that touched viewers.

Sadly, the producers decided to kill Detective Olinsky, who dies as a consequence of his friendship and loyalty to the erratic Voight. This was explained by the writers and producers of the show as a renewal of the storyline, and as adding pathos to the Voight character as he will now have to deal with guilt over his friend's death, revealed PopCulture.com on the 10th of May 2018.

Olinsky dies after being stabbed by an inmate in prison. He was incarcerated after being accused of murdering the man who had killed Voight’s son. Though innocent, Olinsky does not accuse his friend, and his loyal silence leads to his death.

The Voight character will discover that the ultimate ‘price’ for his vengeance and his crime is paid by his best friend who loses his life senselessly.

Elias Koteas, 57, is a talented American-Canadian cinema and TV actor who has been a part of the Chicago PD cast from the beginning.  

His presence on the show will be missed by his fellow actors and the show’s millions of fans who expressed their anger and grief on Twitter over the 'murder' of one of their favorite characters. 

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