2-year-old boy is saving his 'unconscious' father after calling emergency

Ksenia Novikova
May 11, 2018
04:56 A.M.
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When his father set up a simulated accident at home, the little boy obsessed with first aids put every single lesson he had learned to test.


According to Story Trender, 2-year-old Sebastián Marqués had always shown a great interest for emergency services and helping people, after he learned about it during a group game at nursery school.

His parents, Marco and Natalie, from Banbury, Oxfordshire, in England, explained to the boy, who’s also a fan of superheroes, that he could actually save lives if he learned the recovery position

Inspired by their child’s peculiar interest, the parents decided to teach him how to act in the event of an emergency.

Marco started the simulation by lying on his bedroom’s floor, pretending he needed emergency assistance. Sebastián reacted quickly and he picked up the phone to say: ‘Hello, 999. Daddy needs some help’.


As we can see in the heart-warming footage that was uploaded to Youtube, Sebastián effectively puts Marco in the recovery position, and then he tries to bring back his ‘unconscious’ father by slapping him in the face.

The boy then gives his father a kiss to let him know that he had already called the emergency services to ask for help.


The 30-year-old father told the source: ‘we both felt extremely proud. The passion he has for wanting to help people is something that would make anyone proud. Sebastian surprises us every day with how clever he is.’

‘My wife was pregnant at the time and I was going away with work for six weeks. I felt confident that they would all be well looked after’, concluded the father of this incredibly smart little boy.

We celebrate this determined boy for his desire to help others. We are sure that if more children grow up having this vocation the world is going to be a much better place.