Teen sees animal sinking in the mud and dares on a risky feat

Ksenia Novikova
May 11, 2018
04:58 A.M.
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Two 19-year-old friends were driving around the mud flats outside Sydney, Australia when they saw something peculiar struggling in the mud. After they found out it was a kangaroo, they risked themselves to help him.


When a person is put in a dangerous situation, all his or her alerts turn on and any kind of unexpected reaction can happen. Nobody knows how he or she is going to react in a situation like this until it happens to him or her.

Nick Heath and Jack Donnelly were put to test when they ran into something they never expected. When they approached the distressed animal stuck in the mud, they could hear the distinctive growls of a kangaroo in trouble

As Inspire More has reported, what started as a motorcycle ride turned into a rescue operation. They had to hurry back home to get a 100 feet long rope to retrieve the kangaroo from the mud.


It surely was a dirty job, but someone had to do it, and luckily for this poor kangaroo, the teenagers were more than willing to help him out.


Heath tied one extreme of the rope around his waist and got in the mud to get close to the struggling creature, while Donnelly, safe in the dry land, held the other end.

Kangaroos can become aggressive if they feel trapped, but apparently, this one could sense that these two men were there to help him, and he didn’t react in a defensive way when they took him out of the mud.


After the animal was put to safety, his rescuers came up with the name ‘Lucas’ for him, and they quickly got in contact with a local wildlife organization, WIRES, to make sure the kangaroo was in good condition.

After a detailed examination, it was determined that the animal had been trapped for a long time, for he was suffering from dehydration. He was washed and given warm liquids.