Dog caught in custody battle left to choose his owner in courtroom

An unusual court proceeding occurred when a judge made a dog to choose between two persons to end a custody battle.

The trial was aired on Judge Judy, an arbitration-based reality court show presided by Judge Judy Sheindlin.

The custody battle ensued after a man filed charges against a woman, claiming that her dog - a small white pooch named Baby Boy - was actually his dog that had been stolen from him.

The woman claims that she bought the pooch outside a shopping center for $50.

But the man is adamant that the dog belongs to him. "This is like my child," he says, filled with emotion, during the episode shared on YouTube.

To prove that the dog belongs to her, the defendant shows Judge Judy photos and documents.

But Judge Judy knows that there's only one thing that can prove the dog's real owner.

She asks for the dog to be taken inside the court. A woman brings the dog in. Judge Judy then tells her to put the dog down, apparently wanting to see who the dog will first approach between the two claimants.

For Judge Judy, the dog should be made to choose who his owner should be.

After being put down, the dog quickly runs to the man, excitedly pawing his legs.

The man is delighted to be reunited with his missing dog. As for the woman, she tries to make Judge Judy change her mind.

"He does that to everybody," she tells the judge.

"No, it's his dog," the judge replies. "That's all. Take the dog home," she then tells the man.

The viral video, posted to YouTube on August 15, 2017, has been viewed more than 2 million times.

'Wisdom reveals itself! Judge Judy has it!' Arthuria Rossi II commented on the 2-minute clip.

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