A chef is here to show us all how to skip the tears while chopping onions

Cutting an onion is a simple task but often a tear-filled experience for most people. An internet chef provides a solution for this.

Jack Scalfani is a famous internet chef who shares numerous cooking recipes and techniques. In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Scalfani taught everyone one of the easiest ways to cut the onion without shedding even a drop of tear.

To cut the onion the Scalfani way, one must understand the reason that brings out tears in anyone who is cutting the onion. The chef revealed that at the end of the root of the onion is a stinky bulb that releases that gas which makes our eyes water.

So, he suggested that before cutting the onion, one must get to that part of the onion's root and cleanly remove it. To do so, you must then hold a paring knife and make an angled cut into the root of the onion with it

Working your way around the root, you must insert the knife at least a third of the onion deep and cut out a cone. Now take out the cone that you have cut out and it should bring remove the bulb of the onion as well.

Without that bulb which produces irritating gases that makes our eyes teary, we are free to cut the onion without having to cry.

Sclafani further showed how the onion can be professionally cut from there on. He suggested to peel off the skin and then cut it down into two halves from the opposite end of the root rather than sideways.

Then the onion can be cut down - sliced and diced - into as many pieces or any style as demanded by the recipe that you are trying to cook.

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