Remember Angel Parrish from my 600-lb life? Wait till you see her transformation

She weighed 570 pounds when she appeared on the television series.

Angel Parrish, who became a household name after starring in My 600-lb Life, stunned fans with her incredible transformation.

Not every reality star who appears on the series gets a happy ending. Parrish, however, has made it possible. She weighed 570 pounds at her largest but now appears fit and healthy.

Parrish had troubled teenage years. She began to gain weight after being forced to surrender her baby for adoption at the age of 14. 

She then used food as a coping mechanism and over time, owing to other genetic and environmental factors, she gained weight.

Parrish was last seen in 2016. Just before she went silent on social media, she had dropped her weight to 230 pounds due to a weight loss surgery

Fans can see Parrish again after two years after a single photo of the star became public. Many had difficulty recognizing her after her incredible transformation.

She spent time away from the limelight and this could have given her enough time to lose weight and to adjust to her new self.

Parrish’s weight loss has more to it than just undergoing surgery with Dr. Nowzaradan whose clinic in Houston was featured on My 600-lb Life.

The surgery artificially reduces the volume of the stomach in order to limit the amount of food that can be consumed at a time. However, this is only one part of the equation.

The human body is made to store energy and use it when required. When one begins to consume less food on a daily basis, one feels as though they are starving.

Parrish, along with regulating what she eats and when she eats, would have included exercise to achieve the results.

She may even have had the excess skin surgically removed. It is often necessary for people who undergo massive weight loss. 

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