'Desperate' Tarek El Moussa shares details of his stem cell treatment

Tarek El Moussa first suffered a back injury in 2014. It was a long road to healing as he also faced two cancer diagnoses.

On May 3, 2018, he revealed that he’d suffered another back injury. To remedy this injury, the star has taken to stem cell treatment according to his post on Instagram.

Tarek El Moussa, 36, posted on Instagram on May 9, 2018, that he was receiving stem cell treatment. This procedure is said to work quicker in healing back injuries.

The Flip or Flop star went on to explain how the procedure works. He revealed that his doctors liposuctioned his fat out with a 12-inch needle.

Then the fat is spun and the stem cells are separated into a liquid. The liquid is then taken and injected through an IV into his back.

The stem cells somehow manage to find the injured areas of your body and begin the process of healing at a super fast rate. He shared that they had put over 1,000,000 stem cells back into his body.

‘It’s wild seeing the technology and future of medicine,’ El Moussa mused. He then confessed that he was praying that the procedure would work and promised to keep his fans updated.

‘Well folks!!!!! As you know I’m desperate to fix my back so…..I did STEM CELL surgery today!!’

Tarek El Moussa, Instagram, May 9, 2018

Last Thursday when he shared that he’d suffered the back injury, he admitted that he had been happy and healthy. He shared, at the time, that the last time he injured it he’d lost 60 pounds.

El Moussa took large amounts of pain medication to try and help with the pain. He admitted that the medication affected his mental and physical state and changed who he was.

It also took him a year and a half to recover. This recent injury had rendered him barely able to walk.

At the time, he said he was very down but would stay positive and fight to get healthy again. In March, El Moussa discussed his previous back injury with Dr. Drew Pinsky on the Dr. Drew podcast. 

He shared that when that injury happened he went from 230 lbs. to 168 lbs. The star had also previously undergone thyroid cancer and testicular cancer procedures in 2013.

The back injury came four months after he had recovered from the second cancer. He was on Vicodin every day and his hormones were off.

In that interview, he admitted that it had been a horrifying experience.

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