Serena's baby Alexis looks just like her dad as she flashes cute toothless grin in adorable new pic

May 13, 2018
01:03 P.M.
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- AmoMama found on Instagram a cute picture of Serena Williams’ mini-me Alexis looking just like her dad in a toothless grin.


- Mother and daughter are holding on to each other, a description of the wonderful relationship that exists between them.

- It is clear from the adorable little girl’s pleased mien though that she looks so much like her father.


Serena was always strong, as an ace tennis player with more than 20 Grand Slams, but the birth of her daughter made her stronger.

So true was this confession which she gave while speaking to an online magazine in January, and even in her everyday experiences as a mom.

There were crazily stressful times, such as when Olympia was going through her teething process more pronouncedly, a time she sometimes cried for long intervals.


Those times, however, do not compare to the sweetness of other times when they get to share each other’s company more.

Serena shared a picture of such on her Instagram account and her protective attitude just pervaded the whole air.

The first-time mother cradled her baby in the nook of her sturdy left arm, sharing the cute photo with her mini-me.


Melanin popped all over the place with Serena's sweet smile that managed to curl the sides of her face and soften her eyes.

All the while, her little princess worked the charm she inherited from her lovely momma, serving us a wonderful grin albeit toothless.

Olympia’s hair seemed to have its mind, standing up on her temples, lending her the look of a chic that she is growing to be.

She held on to her momma so firmly anyone could think they would never again leave each other, clutching Serena’s zipped top.


Through the captured moment, something stands out: Olympia’s extreme resemblance to her father, Alexis Ohanian.

It’s not so hard to see with just a look at the shape of her eyes, an outstanding feature of her face that suggests great ingenuity.

That is only well said, considering that her dad is the co-founder of Reddit, the widely-used social networking platform.

Imagine the sparks of creativity running through her veins, along with the power she inherited from Serena, and you’ve met Olympia!

In what other ways do you think Olympia shares her father’s appearance?

Source: Instagram