Pit bull mix potentially saved little boy from snake attack

May 14, 2018
11:56 P.M.

The story of a pit bull saving a young boy’s life became viral on social media. Supposedly, the little boy ran into the snake by accident.


A woman shared a Facebook post explaining how her brother’s dog save the boy from a snake attack during one night.

The woman shared that her brother preferred to do evening walks with his pit bull lab mix named Hurley in their neighborhood at around 10 p.m.

He removes Hurley’s leash so he can be free to roam around the field.

One night, during their usual evening walk, the owner heard a young kid scream. When he looked down, Hurley was gone and ran off towards the direction of the screaming boy.


The owner ran behind his dog. What he saw surprised him. Hurley fearlessly took away a copper head snake from the boy and flung it around until the snake died.

The little boy ran towards his mother’s vehicle and they sped off almost immediately. Hurley’s owner was not able to check if the boy was okay or not.

He and his sister had only assumed that the boy was bitten which was why his mother quickly drove away.

The owner of the dog called animal control, as well as the Highland Village Cops. They took a look at Hurley to check if he was bitten.

They found out that he was bleeding. Hurley had a swollen neck and his mouth started foaming. Later on, they found out he had puncture wounds in his upper lip.


Hurley was immediately taken to Denton Animal Emergency Hospital where he had to stay overnight.

Although Hurley was a little uncomfortable with his wounds, he was in good health.

The owner’s sister decided to share Hurley’s story on social media to raise awareness that not all pit bulls are dangerous.

She wanted to erase the stereotypes about the breed. She had been successful as the story became viral and had been shared over 200,000 times.

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