Good Samaritan fries 200 pieces of delicious chicken for hungry orphans

May 15, 2018
04:02 A.M.
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This man wanted to give back to his community in the most wonderful, selfless way, so he decided to feed all the children. 


An Indian gentleman, identified only as Mr Anjali, and his wife ended up cooking over 200 chicken legs for the children, ensuring they received a good meal. 

In the video shared to YouTube, the couple and their children explain that they want to do something for the children, and that they hope their act of kindness will be well received. 

Chicken is probably one of the most popular meats, as it is cheaper than most other meats, and there are plenty of different ways in which it can be cooked and incorporated into other meals. 

Anjali decided that he wanted to prepare a KFC-style chicken for the children, and used over a dozen different spices and seasonings to give it a unique flavor. He then deep fried the chicken in hot oil. 


The chicken legs were first marinaded in eggs, lemon, salt, chili powder, ginger-garlic paste, coriander powder, black pepper powder, cayenne pepper, turmeric, soy sauce, cumin, curd, mixed herbs, vinegar, thyme, and schezwan sauce.

They are then coated twice, in two different layers of ingredients. The first layer consists of flour, corn flour, bread crumb powder, cooking oil, cornflakes, and oats. 

The second coating's ingredients are all-purpose flour, garlic powder, corn flour, and egg. 


Before marinading the chicken, Anjali cut slits into the chicken legs, ensuring that the flavor of all the different spices and seasoning would also reach inside the meat. 

He then mixed all the chicken in one go with the spices and sauces for the marinade, before leaving it to soak in the flavors for 3 hours. 

Next Anjali mixed the first coating ingredients together, dipping the chickin legs into the coating one by one. 

With the frying oil bubbling away, Anjali mixed the second coating's ingredients together before dipping the chicken into it and dropping it gently into the frying oil. 

Each piece was fried for approximately 5-6 minutes, turning them into a lovely golden brown color. It is important not to overcook the chicken, because it will dry it out on the inside. 

When the food was prepared, the children could be seen lining up in queues to receive their delicious treat, sharing a prayer as a group, and singing in praise.