Cheeky cockatiel tries to steal his owner's soup

This cockatiel is so naughty yet adorable.

Totoro the Cockatiel seems to be on a mission to annoy his human friend. But his mischief is more adorable than it is annoying.

In a video shared on YouTube on May 4, 2018, Totoro can be seen trying to annoy his human friend by removing one of the keys from the latter's laptop.

He keeps doing so even after his human friend also keeps attaching the key back to the laptop.

The owner makes a bird-like sound to try to drive the bird away. The bird also replies with his own sound. They make the sound back and forth.

In yet another video, Totoro is seen trying to steal food from his human friend's bowl. The bird keeps trying to knock off the bowl's cover.

His human friends makes a bird-like sound as if reprimanding the persistent bird. But Totoro also shoots back with his shrill sound, as if he was trying to talk back.

To YouTube viewers, Totoro is not annoying at all.

"It's very funny because it's like when you nag him and he thinks 'oh yeah? oh yeah? now you'll see!' So cuteee," wrote YouTube user L'angelo della ragazza.

Barbara DelGiudice commented: "Try giving him a toy to play with. You might need to get a play stand because with will want to chew the cord, too. That's what mine did. That's dangerous."

Cockatiel is a member of the cockatoo family endemic to Australia. Also known as the quarrrion and the weiro, cockatiels are prized as household pets and companion parrots.

Native to Australia, cockatiels favor the Australian wetlands, scrublands and bush lands.

In terms of popularity among caged birds, cockatiels are second only to the budgerigar.

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