Sexuality expert says babies must be asked for consent before changing nappies

May 15, 2018
05:43 A.M.
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This woman has started a serious debate over consent that has gripped the entire globe over simple comments that she made. 


Deanne Carson, a sexuality expert, appeared on ABC Television in Melbourne, Australia in early May, talking about the culture of consent and how parents can instill it in their children. 

Speaking to the journalist on the news, she explained that she works with children from the age of 3, and with parents from the birth of their babies. 

The news clip shared to YouTube, has been making waves around the globe as everyone has an opinion on Carson's claims. 

Carson explained that teaching children how important consent is starts from day one. As a result, she teaches parents to tell their babies that they want to change their diapers, and to ask if they are alright with that. 


While Carson realizes that no baby is going to physically consent, she believes it's important for parents to do this, and pause a beat to make eye contact with the child and read their body language. 

"You're letting your child know that their response matters," Carson explained. 


The interview has been blown up all around the world, with publications such as Breitbart mocking Carson for her beliefs, putting her title into quotation marks along with her concern over the issue of consent in today's world.