Family is surprised seeing their dog gave birth to sweet 'cows'

The story of a female dog that gave birth to the most unexpected puppies became an internet sensation because of the peculiar characteristics of the young animals.

These puppies have stolen sighs to thousands of users of social media as soon as they set eyes on them, according to the news outlet specialized on domestic animals La Biblia de Los Animales.

Rosie is a Golden Retriever that lives with her owners in Raleigh, North Carolina. Rosie got pregnant last year and in November she gave birth to a group of puppies that surprised everybody.

The dog gave birth to four puppies that caused quite a shock because none of them looked anything like their mother. They even looked like a completely different species.

Rosie’s owners were really excited as they waited for the arrival of the puppies. Both of them are animal lovers and they do volunteer work in a shelter close to their home. They help take care of homeless dogs until they are adopted.

When the day of the delivery came, the owners of the mother approached her and couldn’t believe what they were looking at. The four puppies looked like ‘little cows’ with their black and white pattern.

The couple gave the puppies the names Daisy, Betsy, Clarabelle, and Moo because of their resemblance to cows. They made sure that Rosie had all the help she needed to take care of the puppies while still being able to rest.

Now, this dog mother is very happy with her Dalmatian-like puppies and their story never cease to amaze people from all over the world. People can’t believe how can they look so different from the mother.

But as different as they may be, they look so cute next to their mother. They are a wonder to look at. We wish them a very happy life in a loving home.

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