Foster girl couldn't control her emotions when told she's being adopted

Rebelander Basilan
May 22, 2018
09:28 A.M.
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A girl named Shailee melted people's hearts with her reaction after learning she would soon be adopted.


For years, Shailee had been praying for a family to adopt her. She had been staying in foster families all her life.

When Jessica Frank, 33, and her husband broke the news to her, she was overcome by joy and disbelief.

"Really?! You're lying," she blurted out while inside the car. Jessica and her husband were taking her to the courthouse at that time.

Jessica's parents had been Shailee's foster parents. One day in March 2016, Jessica, her husband and son went hiking with Shailee.

They had lunch at a restaurant after the hike. While eating, Jessica's husband struck up a conversation with Shailee.


During that conversation, Shailee said she wanted a family to adopt her.

"That was it. That night, my husband told me that it was time to start our classes to be licensed to foster," Jessica wrote.

They then started their classes to get a foster license.


Came December 2016. Jessica's family moved Shailee into their home. The couple simply told Shailee that they will serve as foster parents to her because Jessica's parents are closing out their foster license.

In truth, Jessica and her husband were already planning to adopt Shailee.

"Once we got approval for the adoption and grew closer to the date, we took Shailee and my son, Skyler, out to have ice cream and we broke the news, which was followed by a lot of tears."

Shailee's candid reaction was captured on video, which Love What Matters shared on YouTube.

The young girl can be seen breaking into tears when Jessica's husband said they were going to the court to adopt her. She was speechless.

The video, posted on January 29, 2018, has been viewed 66,684 times.