McDonald's worker stunned the judges at X Factor audition last year

This young girl was nervous when she walked into the audition room, but the judges were absolutely amazed when she started to sing. 

Rebecca Grace, a 20-year-old McDonald's employee, had decided to auditon for X Factor UK, because she had always loved to sing and wanted to share her talent. 

When she walked into the room, and the judges asked her how she was, she openly admitted nervous. The clip, uploaded to YouTubethen shows the judges asking her questions in an attempt to calm her nerves. 

After establishing what she does for a living, they asked who her support system was. Both her parents, her sister, and her boyfriend had joined her on the day to cheer her on, and the four of them were waiting anxiously outside. 

The judges eased her into it, before Simon Cowell asked her to sing. She took a deep breath to collect herself, and shocked the judges with what came out of her mouth. 

Grace had chosen Kelly Clarkson's Piece By Piece, an extremely emotional and powerful song. Fortunately, she absolutely nailed it. 

Despite her youth, Grace had an incredible amount of soul in her voice as she enthralled the judges into complete silence for her to sing the entire song. 

When she was done, she became nervous again as she waited for their judgement. 

Every one of them applauded her for being able to pull of such a big song with such feeling. But for some reason she seemed most anxious about Cowell's thoughts on her voice. He quickly reassured her that he loved her performance. 

At the end of it all, Grace walked away with four yesses from the judges, and her family and boyfriend could be seen celebrating with the show's host outside. 

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