Little boy comforts his crying twin brother by taking his hand

May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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The twin brothers were heading out and walked down their steps. When one boy cried because his feelings were hurt, the other one held his hand to console him.


The Atkins twins were being videotaped by their mother and the video was made viral on YouTube with almost 60,000 views.

The footage showed the twins slowly making walking down their front doorsteps, wearing matching outfits. The sported a gray jacket, dark denim jeans, black shoes, and the same checkered scarf.

At first, they can be seen holding hands until the other one decided to let go. He attempted to push his brother down the stairs for him to go first but the other twin still wanted to hold hands with his brother for them to go down together.

One twin decided to jump down the stairs and the other twin that was left on the stairs started crying.


The little boy asked his twin what was wrong and the boys’ mother urged her son to go back up the stairs with his brother after telling him that he hurt his brother’s feelings.

He seemed to feel guilty and went back up and held his brother’s hand. Almost immediately, the little boy stopped crying the moment they held hands.


Both of them jumped on the last step of the stairs at the same time and their mother told them to hug each other. 

The two boys shared a loving embrace as the mother giggled. Afterward, the twins happily ran towards the car together like nothing just happened.

One user, Darnell Ross, commented on the video and wrote, ‘Too cute! I love these little guys!’

Twins, especially young ones, share a special connection where one feels like something is missing without the other. These two cute boys are an example of that.