Boy who lost his wallet received replacement gift from complete stranger

Despite all the bad things happening around the world, stories of kindness are still common.

This is the story of a teenager who experienced a generous act from a stranger.

Karden Devenish, 13, spent his summer mowing lawns and pulling weeds to save money. He planned to go deep fishing with his uncles.

But while hanging out at an arcade, he lost his wallet, where he had placed all his savings amounting to $80. The wallet also contained the teenager's fishing license.

His mother, Megan, posted about the missing wallet on Facebook in hopes of recovering it. She said that Karden lost his wallet between 11:30 to 1:30 at Nicklemania in Springville.

She provided her contact details in the post, hoping that someone will return the wallet.

She also wrote that the loss of his son's wallet is a lesson for all. She ended her note with a positive message, that she believes there is still good in the world.

Because of this post, someone showed an incredible act of generosity.

Megan updated her Facebook post informing the public that an anonymous stranger had donated money for her son.

When they got a call from Nicklecade, where Karden lost his wallet, Megan's husband rushed to the place, hoping that the wallet had been found.

'No luck! But something better happened. Someone we don't know and that had seen this post took the time and their hard earned money to drop off $120.00 and a note that he can now buy a new wallet and replace his fishing license and the money he lost,' she wrote.

Megan said she was so overwhelmed that she couldn't hold back her tears.

'We live in an amazing community... this is truly a lesson we well never forget... we will pay it forward. Thank you, thank you whomever you are!!' Megan added.

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