Dennis Quaid reveals how a movie role reconnected him with his faith

May 23, 2018
04:50 A.M.

After struggling for years to bring back his faith, Dennis Quaid only found the answers after he landed a role on I Can Only Imagine.


The actor has spent years molding his career into what it had become today. Quaid, even though he admitted to being an introverted person, became a successful actor.

Although, he has faced controversy when he became known as a man who struggled with drug addiction.

He was faced with a couple of bumps and obstacles which led him to forget about his faith. Quaid desperately wanted to rekindle his old spiritual ways, but he had no idea how.

The actor grew up in a religious family based in Texas. Every Sunday, his family would never miss a service at their Baptist church.


By the time Quaid reached college, he felt that getting a degree was not his calling and went on to try his luck in acting.

He moved to Hollywood where he was met with rejections and disappointments. Nobody would book him.

Until one day, he finally was cast in Breaking Away. His performance – which got him critical praise – paved the way for another role, Gordon Cooper, in The Right Stuff.

Shortly after, Quaid was a household name. He landed a lot of jobs and acting gigs.

Sadly, fame came with a price for Quaid. He found himself struggling with anorexia and drug addiction.


Realizing he had to change, he did everything to bring back his old and healthy self. He gained 40 pounds and promised himself never to bring back his old habits.

Even though he restored his old life, only one thing was missing. He still was unable to find his long-lost relationship with God.


Quaid struggled and by the time he was in his 30’s, he started to find his way back to Him. He wrote a song dedicated to his mother entitled On My Way To Heaven.

He was off to a good start, but somehow, he was unable to finish the song. The actor believed that his motivation to reconnect with God was not strong enough during those moments.

Things began to turn around for him 25 years later when he was cast in the movie, I Can Only Imagine, as Arther.

Because of the movie and how he was moved by it, Quaid was able to finish the song and he also successfully restored his faith.

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