Story of a woman who bought two homeless men breakfast at McDonald's

May 23, 2018
03:46 P.M.
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The anonymous woman felt the need to help the two homeless men who only bought coffee at McDonald’s just so they could warm up.


The woman, who is a mother of three, was tasked to smile at three people and document their reactions as a requirement for her Sociology class. It was her last task before completing a college degree.

Later on, the mother went to McDonald’s with her husband and their youngest son.

The woman recalled that as they were standing in line, waiting for their turn, everyone around her backed away, even her husband.

She was puzzled by the strange reaction of the people and she panicked.

Slowly, she turned around. Standing behind her were two homeless men. One of the two men was short and he seemed to be smiling at the woman.


He said to her, “Good day,” and went on to count the coins in his hands.

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Shortly after, the woman realized that the second man was mentally deficient. The short man was his only hope to survive.

At that point, the woman held back her tears and watched the two men with pity.

The employee at the counter asked the man what he wanted and the short man said that he only wanted coffee.

Realization hits the mother of three. Coffee was the only thing the two men could afford and they needed to stay in a place where they could warm up.


It was at that moment that the woman felt the need to help the two men. She wanted to hug the short man but she noticed that everyone in the restaurant was looking at her and judging her.

The woman just smiled and asked the McDonald’s employee at the counter to give her two more breakfast meals.

She walked towards the two men and placed the tray on their table. She then placed her hand on the short man’s freezing hand.

The man was crying when he thanked the woman. She said that she is a tool sent by God to give them hope.

Walking back towards her husband and son, the woman was also in tears.


Her husband smiled at her when she sat down and they both held hands, sharing a special moment.

The woman shared, ‘We are not churchgoers but we are believers. That day showed me the pure Light of God’s sweet love.’

She shared her story in her Sociology class. Her instructor asked her if she could also share it with the class.

The woman agreed and her instructor read her paper to her classmates.

The woman became an inspiration to her husband, son, the people at McDonald’s, her instructor, and to all of her classmates.

Talking about it, the woman shared that she graduated with the biggest lesson which was unconditional acceptance.