Mother drank 7 pints of water a day to save baby after water broke early

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 01, 2018
11:41 A.M.
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This mother from Staffordshire, England, could go to any extent to save her baby after the doctors said that there was a 95% chance the baby wouldn’t survive.


Daily Mail reported that Louise and Jakk Adams received the shocking news when the water broke at just 22 weeks.

However, the 28-year-old woman was determined to do anything to save her baby. She kept her son alive in the womb by drinking seven pints of water a day.

The couple, residents of Stoke-on-Trent, were told that their child would not survive. They began to research other options to save the unborn son.

They soon discovered that in many other countries, women are advised to drink seven pints of water a day if their water breaks early.

This helps them to replace the liquid they lost and to keep the baby healthy in the womb. Her efforts were successful and the couple welcomed their son, Joseph, three months later. 


“I’m convinced he survived such low odds because when my waters broke, I replaced them by ensuring I was well hydrated.”

Louise Adams, Daily Mail, March 10, 2017.

She said that the UK doctors had given up saying the baby could not be saved as he had not reached 24 weeks. This left the parents in “complete shock.”

According to the doctors, they could only monitor her in the hospital and wait for the inevitable miscarriage, which would happen in a matter of days


But the mother, who works as a teacher, said she could not just sit around doing nothing. When she searched for answers on the internet, she learned that drinking more could replenish lost amniotic fluid, which is required for the baby’s growth in the womb.

The reasoning behind her decision was simple – the more the mother drinks, the more the baby drinks and urinates. The excretion of urine by the unborn baby is the major source of the fluid production in the second half of pregnancy.

She was in the hospital for six days before she went back home and shut herself off from the world. She rested and constantly sipped around seven pints a day.


As a precautionary measure to ward off infection from the water break, she consumed cranberry juice and raw cloves of garlic.

There was little hope from doctors and midwives as they said there was not much research in the area. But Louise persisted because she “had nothing to lose.”

Getting past 24 weeks was the first hurdle. She crossed it and everyone was delighted to learn that the little one continued to fight. 

The doctors then gave the mother steroids to mature Joseph’s lungs and antibiotics to prevent infection.

The efforts were successful when she delivered a healthy baby at Royal Stoke University Hospital by c-section.