Valerie Simpson & Nickolas Ashford's daughter comfortably cuddles with husband in sweet pic

Ashford & Simpson was one of the most iconic musical duos of the R&B industry. They started off as songwriting partners and eventually got romantically involved. The couple had two beautiful daughters, and the eldest of them is as happy as one can be these days.

Celebritist was lurking around Nicole Ashford Instagram account to see what the eldest daughter of one of the royal families of the R&B industry has been up to these days and we stumbled with a beautiful photo that proves she’s doing more than fine.

Nickola Ashford and Valerie Simpson were one of the greatest songwriting duos of Motown Records, as they created hit songs like Aretha Franklin’s “Cry Like A Baby,” and Ray Charles’ "Let's Go Get Stoned" and "I Don't Need No Doctor.”

They married in 1964 after signing as a duo with Warner Bros. and releasing their album “Gimme Something Real,” which was followed by two more “So So Satisfied” and “Send it.” The couple had two daughters: Nicole, 42 and Asia, 30.

Nickola died in 2011 of complications from throat cancer, and since then, Nicole has been helping out her mother with the restaurant that she and Nickola opened in 1996, Sugar Bar, in New York City.

Asia, on the other hand, is following her parent’s career and she makes background vocals for her mom whenever she performs at special events or their bar. The girls were kept away from the spotlight for most of their lives, but after their father’s death, they appeared in Oprah Winfrey’s show to talk about their loss.

When asked by the media mogul if they knew as kids their parents were famous, Nicole said:

“I mean I knew they were famous but I just felt like we had a very normal childhood growing up so, I always felt very normal.”

Even though they have kept themselves distanced from the spotlight ever since Nicole seems to be in a great place in her life right now. She splits her time between working at Sugar Bar and vacationing with friends around the world, not without constantly remembering her dad with cute photos from her childhood.

We’re glad to know that Nicole Ashford is enjoying her life and she was able to move on after her iconic father’s passing. We wish her the best!

Did you know that Ashford & Simpson had two grown-up daughters? 


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