Tyler Perry breaks silence on his dream for son Aman

Rebelander Basilan
May 29, 2018
02:06 A.M.
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Tyler Perry, the American director, screenwriter, actor, and comedian, was interviewed in the Yes, Girl! podcast and shared a couple of details about his son, Aman.


Essence editors Cori Murray, Yolanda Sangweni, and Charli Penn were also present during the conversation, where Tyler revealed what his dream for his son was and how it was for him to be a father.

Three-year-old Aman, who has been described by his father as a beautiful, strong, and amazing child, is too young to decide what he would like to do for a living, However, Tyler’s dream is for his son to follow his footsteps.

Tyler pointed out that he wanted Aman to be the best he could be, no matter what that was. The 48-year-old actor confessed, though, that he would like to give his son the keys of his studio when they get older, so Aman could be a filmmaker, as well.


Later, Tyler said that if it was not Aman’s dream, all he could wish for was that whatever the child decides to do in the future to be ‘special and amazing.’

Tyler’s wish is very similar to the ones most parents want for their children: to follow their footsteps.


Lucky enough, Aman has a great role model on his father, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him as an important personality in the entertainment industry in a couple of decades.

After confessing all he wanted for his child, Tyler told the story about the time he and his family went to the beach. He was walking in front of Aman, who was jumping up and down for no apparent reason.

Tyler turned around and asked the child what he was doing, to what Aman responded: ‘I’m walking in your footsteps, papa.’ Even though it was just a walk at the beach, it might be seen as a sign that Aman will actually become as successful as his father.