Video shows officer tying student's tie after pulling him over for speeding

When a student needed help tying a decent knot on his necktie, a police officer came to the rescue.

Officer Martin Folczyk of Menomonie Police Department pulled over Trevor Keeney, a student of the University of Wisconsin, for speeding in the northwestern part of the state.

According to ABC News, Keeney was rushing to find a friend who would help him tie his necktie for an important class presentation.

After confronting Keeney, officer Folczyk first made sure that the student knew that he was speeding. Keeney accepted his mistake without any complain, saying, "I know what you mean."

He then went on to defend himself by stating that he was trying to reach a friend's house so that he could get his necktie knotted. He explained that he did not know how to do it and there was no one else at his home.

The officer then asked Keeney to show his tie, which the student took out from his bag and handed over to the officer.

Officer Folczyk then did something completely unbelievable - he put the tie around his own neck and started knotting it.

He also asked Keeney to show his license and insurance papers while he busied himself tying a decent knot on the student's tie.

After making sure that the necktie was properly knotted, Officer Folczyk let Keeney get away with just a warning.

However, he did invite the student over to the station so that he could give him a proper lesson in the art of tying a necktie.

Keeney went on to give his presentation for an outside sales class and even scored 92 percent on it.

He also told the online source that he later went to visit Officer Folczyk at his station and took a proper lesson on tying a necktie.

"I went back and met with him for about 30 minutes and he taught me! It was cool," Keeney said.

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