May 25, 2018

Soldier met baby brother for the first time in surprise homecoming

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After being away for a long time, soldier Tony Rojas came back home from a long deployment. Not even his mother knew that he would show up the way he did.

Rojas, who was deployed for 7 months, finally made it back home in May 2017 and recorded everything. Since he never told his mother when he would be back, he decided to arrive in the middle of a party that was being held in the family’s home.

The video uploaded to the YouTube channel of Storyful Rights Management showed that Rojas’ mother was in a squatting position taking care of the baby stroller when he showed up.

All his mother could do was covering her face and crying while Rojas was approaching her. He helped her up and they shared a long and warm hug, something that the soldier had missed a lot.


When they stopped hugging each other, Rojas finally went to meet his baby brother, who was being held by another person. The baby was born while Rojas was deployed, so he had never met him before.

According to Rojas’ Twitter account, he and the rest of his unit were deployed in Hawaii. However, they went all the way to Hong Kong at some point.


Apart from sharing messages about how much he missed home and his family, Rojas posted a couple of photos of his baby brother pointing out that even though they hadn’t met yet, he missed him ‘like crazy’ already.

After he came back home, he kept posting photos of him next to the things that he missed the most. One of them was a black-and-white picture of him and the family dog. He captioned the photo admitting that it was his best friend.

Rojas’ video surprising his mother and family members became viral in no time and it has been watched more than 6,500 times.