Reginae Carter upsets fans with her weight loss secret

The celebrity daughter gets criticized for promoting an appetite suppressing product, just days after Kim Kardashian earned the ire of fans for endorsing the same thing. 

Following the backlash Kim Kardashian received for promoting weight loss lollipops, it appears Regimae Carter is now being slammed for the same reason. 

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The 19-year-old daughter of Lil Wayne swore on the effectivity of the appetite suppressing candy in an Instagram plug she recently shared. She posted a clip sucking on the lollipop and wrote,

“They’re like lollipops, but better. @flattummyco has figured out how to suppress my appetite with freaking LOLLIPOPS. I’ve been keeping a few with me wherever I go, so I always have them close by. Right now you’ll find them in my gym bag, my car, my purse and honestly I have a few in my nightstand for those late-night cravings. I’m already starting to notice my tummy looking a bit tighter and it’s only been a few days! If you guys haven’t already, you need to get your hands on them and #suckonthis#flattummypops

Fans were quick to comment on Regimae’s post criticizing her for promoting a negative idea. 

“Not you too. Honestly expect better from you. Appetite suppressant lollipops create a culture where we think it’s okay to starve ourselves and I refuse to promote or support that.”

“talking bout society ruining people and then you go & post this bullshit”

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Others slammed her for fake advertising. 

“Stop scamming sis! A damn lollipop don't make your tummy flat”

“you know damn well you don't eat these! I hate the false advertisement. Just be honest with fans.”

Just this week, Kim Kardashian suffered the same fate after promoting the product on social media. Actress Jameela Jamil along with other social media followers accused the star of being a “toxic influence on young girls” for promoting an anti-health product.

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