Jane Fonda says that older women 'don't have to have sex'

Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen were interviewed by Loose Women and they revealed some aspects of their new movie, Book Club.

The film addresses the lives of four older women who attend a monthly book club to analyze suggested literature, but things drastically change when they read Fifty Shades of Grey and then decide to chase pleasure that has eluded them.

Given the topic of the movie, the interview was focused on sex, relationships, friendship, and body image. According to ITV, Bergen, 72, confessed that women could hope to have as much sex as shown in the film when they get older.

However, Fonda, 80, had a different way to see that topic as she told older people that having sex after they reach certain age was not mandatory.

On the contrary, it is supposed to be a choice. She added that if they choose to ‘close up shop’ at a certain point, there was not a reason to feel bad. That’s just their personal choice

Fonda later admitted that they all looked very good in the movie despite the fact that not everyone enjoys watching ‘wrinkled lips’ kissing each other or ‘sags under the arm’ moving back and forth.

She added that it was the main reason why romantic scenes between old couples are rarely portrayed in Hollywood. After talking about that topic, the Loose Women hosts addressed body confidence. The actresses were asked if they felt good about themselves.

The first response was given by Keaton, 72, who confessed that she didn’t have any confidence. Bergen then said that it was not like she had confidence, it’s just that she didn’t care enough to do something about it.

Finally, Bergen pointed out that she was lucky as her husband, Marshall Rose, doesn’t see her ‘out of shape.’ Book Club was released on May 18 and, apart from the aforementioned actresses, Andy Garcia, Don Johnson, and Craig T. Nelson also appeared on it.

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