Compilation shows precious daddy-baby moments

May 29, 2018
01:43 A.M.
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The connection between a baby and the father is always special. This video is overload with such adorable moments.


NTD Funniest uploaded a delightful compilation video on Facebook revealing fathers playing with their babies in a hilarious and heartwarming video.

The video showed the dads becoming child-like with their young ones. While in some of the clips used in the compilation, it was the young ones trying to mimic their dads, leading up to hilarious circumstances.

One of the clips showed the father carrying his baby in his arms and helping him chase the older sibling during a particular game of tag.

In another clip, a father is trying to show his young daughter how to do a cartwheel. The young ones try to mimic their father but, for obvious reasons, cannot replicate the perfection of his angle and footing. They fall on their back, sending their mother, who was taking the video, laughing out loud.


In yet another video, a father is helping his young baby do some pull-ups. Obviously, the baby must have seen his father repeat the pull-up regime all too often. When it was his turn, his father was there to hold him and lift him so that he could replicate his father without any effort.

One more clip showed a little baby attempting crunches along with his father. The mother records the hilarious video while the baby and daddy are lying on the floor on their back.

As soon as the mother starts counting the number, the baby immediately reacts starts doing the crunches along with her father.

The video compilation includes more clips of babies trying to mimic their father's gurgling noises to attempting to do pushups after their dads.