Neighbors help clean woman's yard after anonymous judgmental letter about her unkept property

Rebelander Basilan
May 29, 2018
05:44 A.M.
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Elise Ryan received a judgmental letter from a neighbor over the state of her yard. Then some of her neighbors sprang into action.


Elise had been busy caring for her cancer-stricken grandchild, Matt, when she got a letter from an unknown neighbor recently, as reported by CBS2.

The letter reads: 'Show some pride in your property and the property of your neighbors.'

The grandmother immediately clapped back at critic by placing signs in front of her home.

The signs read: 'To my neighbor who left me a nasty letter about my yard in my mailbox and didn’t sign it … my priority is my 10-year-old grandson who has been in the hospital fighting for his young and precious life. I have been busy caring for his twin sister and their house and pets! I pray that next year all of my priorities are as simple as leaves and twigs.'


Elise told CBS2 that she was hurt and that she couldn't imagine who would do it to her.

The elderly woman then explained that all her energy has been spent caring for her grandson, Matt, who was diagnosed with brain cancer last year.


“Unfortunately, this is a very bad time in our life and, yes, I am slower than usual,” she said.

When some of Elise's neighbors learned about her situation, they decided to help clean her yard.

Georgiana Farnsworth, one of her neighbors, said that’s what a community is all about.

“To see something like this happen was unbelievable. No one can get over it, so everyone’s coming up to help today,” Farnsworth said.

Another neighbor, Christine O’Connor, explained that it’s important to set the example and know how you treat neighbors.

“Regardless if it’s cancer or if it’s something else, you don’t know what somebody is going through. Maybe they’ve just been sick, maybe they’re going through anything. You never know,” O’Connor said.

Meanwhile, Elise was very thankful to have neighbors who were not quick to judge her. Instead, they reacted with kindness.