Erica Campbell flaunts fit figure in glittery jumper after weight loss

Monica Otayza
May 29, 2018
07:59 A.M.
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Erica Campbell of award-winning gospel duo Mary Mary has been an advocate of taking care of one's self. This comes after she realized that she might have been headed for a stroke if she had not started taking care of her body. Now, Erica looks stunning in her fit figure which she has been showcasing in tight-fitting attires. 


Erica herself has been urging her fans to take care of their bodies or else it is not just their body that suffers, but the people around them, especially their respective families.


Both members of Mary Mary have struggled with their weight over time, especially since they are both working mothers. Since they had babies in the later stages of life, their metabolism as slowed down. 

However, since working hard for her figure, Erica is proud of the body that God has given her, especially since she's worked hard for it. Addressing her own struggle with her health, she was told by the doctor that if she did not slow down and take care of herself, it could lead to a stroke. Campbell suffers from high blood pressure, and it is this that motivated her to start getting back in shape so as to avoid any complications in the future. 

"If you are not healthy, then you're not going to achieve anything anyway."


She goes on to explain how she knows the selflessness of women around the world, who tend to overlook pains and aches so as not to interfere with the things they need to do. However, it's the pains and aches that should not be overlooked as this may lead to something more serious if left untreated. 

"Most women are used to operating with a little pain or some kind of ache and we just keep it moving because we’re mothers or business women or you’re in school trying to achieve something, so you just keep going. If you are not healthy then you’re not going to achieve anything anyway. If I have to stop to make sure that I am healthy, then that’s what I’m going to do."


Erica made sure to clarify that it was not public scrutiny that motivated her to lose weight, but to become more health conscious. She tweeted:

"I don't wanna lose weight because I'm in the public eye, but because I wanna live for me for my family & to honor the life God has given me."

Now, Campbell has been flaunting her body in gorgeous outfits that she has put together for different events. 


In her most recent photo, she donned a gorgeous striped and sequined glittery jumpsuit, which came with capes in the arms. The singer looked gorgeous in her outfit, which made her look glowing. She highlighted her look with old rose colored eye makeup and a bold pink lipstick.

Erica Campbell married husband Warryn Cambell in 2001, and have been happily married since. They share three children together, Krista Nicole Campbell, Zaya Monique Campbell, and Warynn Campbell III.