Loni Love shows off curvy waist in low-cut black dress in latest pic

Loni Love has started her road to fitness, and recently showed off the fruits of her hardwork in a low-cut black dress that accented her curvy waist.

Loni is officially ready to welcome summertime as she stepped outside on a hot sunny day dressed up in a black and white floral dress and matching oversized sunglasses. Her background could not get any more tropical, as her surroundings were filled with lush green leaves of numerous bushes and palm trees. 

The tv show host captioned her gorgeous photo with "Sunny Days...."

Just recently, the "Real" co-host has shared that she is on a weight-loss journey, and it has been successful. She quietly lost 30 pounds, and that is not an easy thing to do. 

She has been showing off her new body through her cute ensembles on the show, but recently compared her 2018 Emmy look to that of 2017 to show just how far she has come. 

"#tbt 2017 Emmy and 2018 Emmy... 30 lbs difference .. I will continue to take my time and focus on my health .. .. here is to 2019 and working on losing another 30!!!! #loveyourself"

While this in itself is an achievement, Love is not content at stopping there, and is looking forward to losing another 30 pounds from now til 2019. 

The TV personality has not gone on-record about how she has lost the weight, but she did say in a coversation with Kate Winslet last November that prior to focusing on her fitness, she hadn't been on the scale for years. Now, she has been keeping up with her weight and paying attention to what she should and shouldn't consume, and it was making a huge difference. 

"I used to not weigh myself. And then I’ve lost some weight and I started weighing myself. I have a long way to go. I’m going to tell you, I was like her. ‘Oh I don’t want to get on the scale.’ But getting on the scale for me is actually motivating because you start to learn your body. And you start to see what you can eat and what you can’t eat. Maybe if you drink you see the difference. If you go out on a night and you drink and then you weigh yourself in the morning, you’ve added on two, three pounds. So for me, I think it’s important, especially if you really are trying to lose weight, to stay on the scale and make that part of your weight-loss plan. It’s very, very important and I know it’s helped me. And I think as you get older, too, it’s important to pay attention to your weight, because you don’t see a lot of fat, old people.”

While Loni claims she has a long way to go, she sure is looking good, and is working hard getting to her best shape. 

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