New York surgeon is the only doctor in the U.S. to implant eyeball jewelry

May 31, 2018
11:23 A.M.

A shocking eye-surgery now allows people to implant jewelry right into their eyeballs, and there's just one doctor who can carry out the procedure


New York's Parke Avenue SafeSight teamed up with the famous surgeon Dr. Emil Chynn to bring Europe's trending eye-surgery that involves inserting a piece of jewelry in the eyeball to the U.S.A., according to their official website.

Chynn took his ophthalmology expertise to another level by becoming the only doctor in the U.S. to do such surgery, under which a platinum jewelry is surgically implanted into a person's eyeball

The doctor took to Instagram to share his accomplishment, claiming that he is 'the only US surgeon' who implants these jewelry called 'SafeSight.'

He further informed that as of yet, there are only three people in the U.S. who have undergone the process. But, in Europe, there are hundreds of people who have done it without any complication


The doctor also wrote in the caption to his Instagram post that the only complication seen so far has been a minor bruising. But that too goes away and is easily resolved after a few days.

Each implant is medical grade platinum and is completely inert in the body. It does not cause any allergic reaction and bears no risk of 'migration or extrusion or intrusion.'

SafeSight's official website further reported that the entire procedure of inserting the jewelry takes only a few minutes. People are given valium to relieve any anxiety as well as anesthetic eye-drop so that they do not feel anything.


The website further claimed that their first patient, who underwent this chilling surgery, returned to work only 2 days after the procedure.

The cost of getting a SafeSight jewelry is $3,000, which covers the cost of preoperative testing, slit lamp exam, vision check, and intra-ocular pressure check (IOP). It also includes the cost of anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide or the 'laughing gas.'

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