Hilaria Baldwin gives health update amid pneumonia news

May 30, 2018
09:02 P.M.
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Actor Alec Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Baldwin, is taking extra steps to keep her newborn son away from her own illness.


In her recent social media post, Hilaria uploaded a short video updating the situation of herself, her older children, Carmen, Rafael and Leonardo, and her newborn son, Romeo.

Hilaria had shared a photo of herself with Romeo on May 25 and disclosed that although she was elated after her fourth child's birth, she was struggling with pneumonia.

Her sons had caught the flu and her daughter had come home from school with a pink eye. 

In her new update, the 34-year-old fitness expert shared that her family was getting better. She took precaution by taking frequent showers in order to avoid passing on the germs to Romeo.  


“I shower in between being with them and being with Romeo to not get him sick with the germs that are on me. So far he’s very good, he’s very healthy. Hopefully, he stays that way.”

Hilaria Baldwin, Instagram, May 27, 2018

Hilaria captured the video of herself describing the chaotic situation in her house while she was breastfeeding Romeo. She apologized for her 'weird camera work' which was a result of her multitasking.


Hilaria captioned her post with a positive hashtag, #wegotthis2018. She has been posting the hashtag since she and the Boss Baby actor, Alec Baldwin, announced the birth of Romeo on May 21.

Hours after the founder of 'Yoga Vida' posted her son's health update, she shared a photo of little Rome enjoying his deep slumber, as reported by People


Despite her numerous struggles as a new mother, Hilaria did not let her status as a fitness expert vanish in the chaos. She posted a video and shared a few stretching exercises for new mothers.

The light exercise routine can be done while mothers are with their children. Hilaria showed a few moves that can release the tension from the shoulders, neck, and the back caused by holding infants for a longer time.