People: Octavia Spencer reflects on whether she wants to have kids or not

Pedro Marrero
May 30, 2018
10:15 P.M.
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Octavia Spencer talks again about motherhood and how she is content and satisfied with not becoming a mom in an interview about her new movie A Kid Like Jake.


Based on a 2013 play by Daniel Pearle, who adapted his work for the screen, and directed by Silas Howard, a transgender filmmaker, A Kid Like Jake is a movie that talks about the drama lived by the parents of a transgender child.

'A Kid Like Jake' might not be especially cinematic, but it is profound in its simplicity and truthfulness about what real fights sound like and what real lives look like.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: "My eggs are ... they're expiring on the shelf, so. Those days are dwindling. But there are other avenues, other ways to have children now. So I'm not saying I'm never going to be a parent, but I probably won't be the biological mother."


Despite playing a grandmother in Black or White who is at the center of a custody battle for her granddaughter, Spencer said there was no channeling her natural maternal instinct for that role because she doesn't have one.


Instead, she said her portrayal of the character was what was "written on the page." Almost as if anticipating people may question whether this was a hard decision for her to make, the Oscar winner said she is far from sad about not having children.

Spencer's openness about not feeling a maternal instinct serves as a good reminder that not every woman necessarily feels the need to have children.

It is also a good reminder of her unwillingness to be typecast by the role she plays in a film, and the fact that people shouldn't assume that what is seen onscreen is reflective of her reality.

Some people tend to think that women that are not mothers hate children, are selfish, or are secretly unhappy and missing out a part of their lives.

It's unbelievable that in an age where feminism and the encouragement of women to make their own choices about their lives have become normal, there is still this general assumption that a woman inevitably wants children.