Towanda Braxton blasts rumors about sister Toni's alleged plastic surgery

Monica Otayza
May 31, 2018
10:04 A.M.
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While being filmed walking on the street, Towanda Braxton made sure to defend her sister Toni after fans speculated she had her nose done. 


When Toni Braxton posted a photo of herself on Instagram two weeks ago, fans were quick to accuse the star of getting another nose job. However, Towanda clarified the news saying that her sister's illness Lupus is to blame. 

Last May 29, Braxton shared her sister's condition with TMZ.

"Toni has Lupus. So when you're on Lupus, you take steroids. And then the steroids, it fluctuates your weight. Sometimes she has to be on steroids, sometimes she has to be off of steroids, so it fluctuates her weight."


Towanda added how her sister's disease would make any type of plastic surgery difficult, as she is not allowed to have anything foreign in her body. That includes any synthetic fillers such as botox, which would make her sick. 

"I think people should do their research. They should research different diseases. Because Lupus is no joke. It’s almost like having the flu 24 hours a day, all the time — the worst flu that you’ve had in your life … She’s 50 years old so she looks amazing. People just can’t understand how she’s 50 and she looks so amazing without surgery and some 20-year-olds don’t."


However, fans were still not buying Toni's younger sister's explanations, saying that it was impossible for her not to have had her nose done. 

"Leave your nose alone Toni, not to be offensive... You're gorgeous. You don't have to do anymore.."

"Did she get work done on her face? Specifically nose job????"

"Err, steroids make you GAIN weight, lots of weight and look puffy... not thin. Next...."

Toni Braxton was diagnosed with Lupus in 2008, after collapsing. While often times lupus affects the skin and scalp, it has been affecting Toni internally, giving her a bit of trouble with her heart. Due to her condition, Toni has made sure to manage the incurable disease with medication and drastic lifestyle changes.