Remember '70s actress Judy Pace? She looks great at 75 and her daughter starred in 'Y&R'

Judy Pace was pretty famous back in the ‘70s. In fact, she was dubbed by the media and the general public as one of the most beautiful black women in the industry at the time. Now, two daughters later, Pace looks incredible in her mid-70’s and one of her girls followed her steps into the acting world.

Celebritist learned from Judy Pace’s daughter, Julia Pace Mitchell, that the mother-daughter duo is looking amazing these days, as they share not only the passion for acting but also their striking beauty. Both women have acted in renowned series in different eras, and they have left their mark in the industry.

Judy Pace started her successful career after being chosen as a model for the Ebony Fashion Fair. The modeling gig opened many doors for her, and director William Castle took an interest for her after watching her photos, offering her a role as one of the title characters in the film “13 Frightened Girls.”

She got a lot of praises for her performance, and even though she wasn’t interested in acting before, she realized her great potential and started to take acting classes and performing in L.A Theater. Small roles in television started to arrive at her door, and eventually, she made a name for herself in the television community.

Pace had one of the three main roles in the film “Three in the Attic,” which was one of the first American films that presented an interracial love relationship openly. Later, she got the role that changed her career forever. Judy gave life to Vickie Fletcher, one of television's first black female antagonist on the soap opera “Peyton Place,” where she became a fan favorite despite the fact that her character was a lying, manipulative and cold-hearted woman that wanted to ruin the main lead’s life.

After the show ended, the rest of the cast struggled to find jobs, but Judy had thousands of offers raining for her. The early ‘70s marked the start of a new era on film and television when the African American community had its big break on the screen with the Blaxploitation films. Judy was then known as “The Black Barbie” or “The Black Babydoll” thanks to her striking beauty.

In 1972, she married actor Don Mitchell, famous for his role on the series “Ironside,” and they were considered the first black power couple in Hollywood. They had two daughters: Julia and Shawn. Julia, like her parents, is an actress known for her role as Sofia Dupre on the CBS soap opera “The Young and the Restless.”

Judy’s last role on TV until the date was in the series “Beauty and the Baller,” where she gave life to Delores last year, proving that she still has what it takes to be considered one of the most talented and beautiful veteran actresses in the industry.

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