Girl caught on camera immediately handing baby brother to parents once he started crying

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 01, 2018
02:38 A.M.
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A toddler got the fright of her life when the baby she was holding cried after she kissed him.


NDT Television shared the hilarious clip that was credited to America's Funniest Home Videos.

The 11-second video, posted five months ago, shows the young girl lovingly holding the newborn baby. An adult helps her hold the infant, who is wrapped in a cloth. It is not clear from the video if the newborn baby is a sibling of the young girl, who looks cute with a ribbon in her hair.

Adults were around to make sure the young girl doesn't drop the infant. Although their reactions were not seen in the video, the moment between the toddler and the newborn baby surely melted their hearts.

The young girl is seen kissing the newborn baby on the nose. Then he begins whining.


With shock on her face, the toddler abruptly pushes the newborn baby back to the adult's arms.


'Aww! Her expression though. It's priceless...' NTD Television captioned the video.

The clip has been viewed 1.1 million times and shared 9,600 times on Facebook. It has also drawn almost 4,000 comments.

The toddler's adorable reaction amused many netizens.

'What a sweetheart! She thought she did something to make the baby cry, she looked so frightened... poor sweetheart! Bet they are going to be the best of friends,' commented Monica Taylor.

Janet Curtis wrote: 'The concern on her face for the crying baby is so precious and kind. Please take care of this baby now, mom, lol."

Colleen Shilts also found the scene adorable. She wrote: 'So darn cute. She wanted to give kisses to her baby sister. That sudden cry make her think that she had done something wrong. It was time to give baby to mommy so baby would stop crying. Best buddies for ever.'