Ex-employees warn about an item that should never be ordered from McDonald's

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 05, 2018
12:33 P.M.
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Former employees of McDonald's reveal on Reddit what not to order from the famous fast food chain.


In a forum on the famous website, users who suggested they were past and present employees of McDonald's share their thoughts about the chain’s vast menu.

These Reddit users revealed what not to order from the restaurant and why.

It’s no secret that the fast-food chain is loved by millions all over the world. Kids and even adults love to enjoy a good meal from McDonald's, but these comments from former employees might make them think twice.

The thread revealed that the ex-employees suggested never to order the Filet-O-Fish on the menu, claiming that it was a poor choice


One user explained that the fish served at the branch he worked at almost four years ago were supposedly not fresh.


Another user offered an advice and said that if people still wanted to order the food, they should say that they want the fish filet cooked to order.

Although the user added that it would take five extra minutes for the order to arrive, it will be ‘worth it compared to the filet that has been in the heated cabinet for hours.’


In spite of the negative comments, a loyal customer of the fast food chain spoke in defense. He said that the fish burger was his favorite meal on the menu.

“If you’re going to serve me a square piece of fish that tastes the exact same whether I order it in Denver or the south of France, I am under no assumption that it is by any means fresh,” said the user.

He continued to say that he was ‘completely okay with that’ and that the burger was his ‘go-to comfort food’

Other users also offered their two cents regarding the topic. Some compared McDonald's with the other big fast-food chains. Read more on this story on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa.