The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' actor dies at 75

He was one of the toughest security guards in The Office, and also one of the funniest characters in fresh Prince of Be Sir. The curtains closed on Hank the security man and condolences have started pouring in to celebrate his life.

Hugh Dane, best known as Hank the no-nonsense security guard on The Office, has died at the age of 75. He passed on in May and news of his demise didn’t start spreading until his former co-star at The Office star Rainn Wilson, tweeted it. In commemoration of Dane’s life, the actor called him ‘funny and kind” and we couldn’t agree more.

"RIP Hugh Dane, aka Hank the security guard. He was one of the greats. So kind, funny, talented. We will all miss him."

 Steve Carrell also chimed in with a short Twitter message: "What a terrific guy." Mind Kaling paid tribute to her fallen colleague as well. "Hugh Dane was one the funniest actors ever," she wrote on Twitter. "I loved writing and acting with him.

Dane may have been best known for his role in The Office, but he also played smaller roles in dozens of films and television series, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Roc, Little Fockers and Bridesmaids. His most recent role was in the now-canceled ABC series The Mayor, starring Lea Michele.

Donations for the fallen actor, as shared by Wilson are:,” – made to Dane’s name.

May his soul rest in peace.  

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