Baby moving inside mother's belly in 37th week caught on film

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 12, 2018
06:08 A.M.
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One of the best footage of an unborn fetus moving inside the mother's belly went viral on the internet.


Ryan Cragun posted an amazing footage of his baby, Toren, moving around in the belly of his wife, Debi.

The baby can be seen making distinctive movements in the video clip that was for over 3 hours but was later condensed to one and a half-minute clip.

In the description of the video uploaded to YouTube, the proud father wrote that the entire profile of his son as an unborn fetus could be seen in the clip.

The video plays with a dramatic musical beat in the background giving the baby's movement a great effect, almost as if it might have been dancing to the beat of the music.


In the description of the video, Ryan revealed that they took a lot of footage but the one with the camera directly at her belly was the best among the rest

He further revealed that at one point in the video, the viewers can even see the side profile of their son all at once with his head downward and legs upward in the belly.


According to Ryan's description, the 'V-shape' visible in the clip is one of the baby's legs kicking to the left. The baby is apparently facing toward the left side of the screen of the video.

Ryan also explained that he had a much longer video recorded of his baby but had posted only the shorter version due to YouTube posting length limitations.

The description also claimed that the footage is one of the best video records of a child moving inside the belly of its mother.

The video is one of the hugely popular videos on YouTube with over 8 million views and around 3,700 likes as of now.