Adopted pit bull alerted mom that son was having a medical emergency

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 07, 2018
04:01 P.M.
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Pit bulls are often stereotyped as nasty dogs, but Amber the pit bull is proof that the stigma surrounding her breed doesn't hold water.


As reported by Local 12, Amber saved the life of Tre Daniels, a young boy who became her best friend after his family adopted her.

Amber witnessed Tre having a seizure in the bathtub one evening. She sprang to action to save her best friend. He went to the master's bedroom to ask for help from Tre's parents.

"We were sleeping and she came in our room and she just sat down right next to the bed and she was doing this real low, like grumble. Not even a growl, it was just this odd grumble," Tracey recounted in an interview with Local 12.

Amber didn't stop until Tracey got up and followed her. She led Tre's mother down the hallway into the bathroom.


Tracey quickly called for medics. Tre was rushed to the hospital. Because of Amber, the boy received a timely medical response. Had Amber not found him having a seizure attach, he could have suffered more serious health implications.

Amber is the second pit bull that the Daniels adopted as a family pet. Tre's father, Tony, described how the bond grew between his son and the pit bull.


"She automatically kind of became attached to Tre more than anything," he told Local 12.

Tre said he couldn't imagine a life without Amber. "She's a great dog, I don't know what I can do without her," he said.

Tony believes that pit bulls are not inherently violent. He said it still depends on how owners raise their pets.

Libby Power of Adore-A-Bull Rescue, an organization that works to remove the stigma attached to the breed, hailed Amber's heroic act.

"It's a very proud moment not only for our organization but more so for this dog that was abandoned," she said. 

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