'My 600-lb Life' star Diana Bunch looks unrecognizable after losing 265 pounds

Jun 08, 2018
06:16 A.M.
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56-year-old Diana Bunch, who starred in My 600-lb Life, is leaner, healthier and shares uplifting updates for people undergoing similar struggles. 


In Touch Weekly reported on the My 600-lb Life star Diana Bunch’s life story after her appearance on the show.

On the show, viewers got acquainted with an old version of Bunch, who suffered from a food addiction that had worsened over the years. 

Bunch had become morbidly obese, had numerous painful blisters and open sores on her body and had contracted acute lymphedema, which caused her legs to swell.

In the course of the show, it was revealed that Bunch’s struggle was beyond her physical illnesses. She had been molested by two boys as a young girl. Weighing only 115 pounds at that time, she also had a difficult relationship with food. 


Her mother was extremely strict about her eating habits and had subjected her to dieting, due to which she could never use food as a tool of comfort.

Having suffered mentally and physically from the abuse, Bunch grew older with complex feelings of guilt, shame, and low self-esteem.

She also learned the hard truth that she was the only one who could take care of herself, which troubled her with a feeling of loneliness.

When she moved out of her mother’s care, her food habits changed radically, and she developed an uncontrollable food addiction that caused her to gain weight. As a result of her obesity, she lost her job at the Air Force. 


After years of turmoil, Bunch experienced a transformation after undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery. The procedure got rid of 70 percent of her stomach, and she lost 265 pounds.

Bunch took care of her new body and is living a healthier life. Her outlook towards her life improved to become more positive.

Apart from leading a changed life, Bunch is also an active user of social media. She shares updates on her life that are uplifting to many people who are battling similar health problems.

Earlier this week, Bunch shared a preview of her recent episode with her online followers, inviting them to watch the episode with her. Read more about Diana Bunch on our Twitter account @amomama_usa