Mother shared warning after son ate a burger containing a wire bristle

Jun 08, 2018
07:14 A.M.

A Toronto mother named Nadia Fiore shared her son’s story to warn others about the danger of wire-bristled barbecue brushes.


In 2016, Nadia’s son, Anthony, accidentally swallowed a wire bristle that was lodged inside his burger. Then-six-year-old Anthony was immediately rushed to the hospital after one single bite.

The Fiore family were just going to have a typical barbecue night during that summer. They decided to have burgers on the grill.

Anthony’s reaction after he took the first bite of his burger was bizarre, as shared by Nadia.

Talking to CBC News, Anthony described that "it felt like a needle." Nadia shared that they immediately knew something was wrong because Anthony was crying.

Anthony’s parents decided to share their son’s story to CBC News to raise awareness about the dangers of such wire-bristled brushes.

Also, Canadian surgeons have advised the people to throw out the brushes because it can get stuck to barbecue grills and get lodged to food without being noticed.


The doctors confessed that they have not devised a solid process in removing such thin and sharp wires from people’s throats.

As for the Fiore family, Nadia stated, "I hope to have these brushes removed from the shelves, have them banned."

The time between their dinner until the time when Anthony had surgery was 12 hours. They had to wait for a long time since Anthony was transferred to Sick Kids when they initially went to the local hospital.

The surgeons at Sick Kids were the ones who successfully removed the bristle from Anthony’s throat. Although, at the time, it wasn’t completely safe for Anthony just yet.

The doctors feared that he was going to develop a throat infection because of bacteria on the bristle. Unfortunately, he did develop an infection.

Since Anthony’s incident, the entire family hasn’t had barbecued food. Nadia suggested that it had traumatized their son and became nervous to eat any type of food that was cooked from the grill.

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