Peter Thomas stops hearts with picture of his grown-up son on graduation day

Monica Otayza
Jun 08, 2018
07:56 A.M.
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Peter Thomas beamed with pride as he attended his son's middle school graduation this week. 


Ever since he stopped appearing on "Real Housewives of Atlanta", people have been wondering about how Peter Thomas has been doing. However, he made sure to update his followers about a milestone in his life recently, which was his son's middle school graduation that happened this week. 

In the photo, Peter could be seen smiling beside his towering son, who was already taller than him despite his young age. The proud father gushed about his son, who is taller than him despite only heading to ninth grade. 


"WOW!!!! My son graduate from middle school yesterday now he is going into the ninth grade and he’s taller than me, when did this all happen, @sportsoneclt@cluboneclt"

Just recently, Peter's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child Nancy Fernandez got a lot of attention after she posted a video questioning Thomas' son regarding his race. 

In the video, Nancy claims that her son isn't really black because she isn't black. She also joked that she made her son "all on her own" as he did not look like he was of African descent. 

Their love child was then heard saying "my dad is the color of a newly paved street", before the mother-and-son duo started laughing. 

While the video was supposed to be a harmless post and a simple moment between mother and son, it ended up drawing a lot of negative attention because it tackled the sensitive issue of racism.