June 09, 2018

Pop star David Cassidy said he lied about dementia and drinking

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The iconic star made a shocking confession at the end of his life opening up about his drinking habit.

A new documentary set to air on A&E will bring a new revelation about the last years of David Cassidy's life, according to a statement from the television network.

The film will feature a surprising confession from the former teen star that he made only two months before he died of organ failure.

After he was rushed to the hospital after falling ill in a recording studio, he called the A&E producer Saralena Weinfield to open up about his life.

“I have a liver disease. There is no sign of me having dementia at this stage of my life. It was complete alcohol poisoning,” Cassidy revealed in the short promo clip uploaded by A&E on YouTube.


He then made the shocking confession that he lied about his drinking. "I did this to myself to cover up the sadness and the emptiness."

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Toward the final months of his life, Cassidy was abusing alcohol despite having claimed that he had stopped drinking.

The news came as a bigger shock to the family of the star, especially his children, 31-year-old Katie and 27-year-old Beau. They had assumed that their father was living a clean and sober life, the source informed.

However, this did not come as a surprise to many of the other actors and singers in Cassidy's close circle, according to a report by People.  His Partridge Family co-star Danny Bonaduce expressed that when you're an addict, you cannot be honest with people.

He further added that Cassidy told other people what they wanted to hear so he was not angry with him for lying.

Cassidy's confession footage became a matter of debate among the producers of the docuseries before they finally decided to make it a part of the documentary titled David Cassidy: The Last Session.