Oregon man snaps woman's arm in brutal road rage attack

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 13, 2018
08:01 A.M.
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An Oregon man in the name of Jay Allen Barbeau purposely assaulted an engaged couple which left one of them with a broken arm and the other with a concussion.


Barbeau was allegedly in a fit of road rage when he attacked Megan Stackhouse and Lucinda Mann. The two women, who recently became engaged, were traumatized following the incident. 

The 49-year-old assailant faces felony assault charges, according to the authorities. The attack that occurred on June 1st resulted in Barbeau being charged by the Deschutes County court with three counts of assault and one of criminal mischief and reckless driving.

Records revealed that he was charged on June 4th and has been kept at the Deschutes County Jail


Talking to Oregon Live, 34-year-old Stackhouse recalled, “the whole thing was absolutely horrifying.”

As for 26-year-old Mann, she said Barbeau “was relentless.”

The couple had been stuck in traffic during the night of the assault and they noticed that the truck behind them had been tailing them since about 8 p.m.


Stackhouse and Mann explained that the truck was driving so close behind them that they couldn’t even see its headlights or license plate.

Eventually, Stackhouse, who was driving the car, decided to pull over to let the truck pass them.

That was when the man, who was later revealed as Barbeau, got out of his truck and pounced on the couple, according to the Bend Police Department.


Barbeau viciously shattered Stackhouse’s rear window and left tail light with his fist.

Since the driver’s side window was rolled down, it was easy for Barbeau to snatch Stackhouse’s right arm.

According to her, the attacker started bending and twisting it until it finally snapped.

She said, "It was a compound fracture. It was visibly broken."

Afterward, Barbeau began punching her continuously in the face and broke the glasses she had on.


It was at that moment that Mann got out of the passenger seat to try and stop Barbeau from assaulting her fiancée.

Barbeau swiftly grabbed Mann and pounded her head onto the concrete which left her unconscious. Mann later revealed that she had suffered a concussion because of it.

Later on, the attacker went back to his truck where a woman was frantically urging him to leave, as explained by Stackhouse.

Although, the authorities arrived just in time to capture Barbeau. The couple was immediately rushed to the hospital.

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