Todd Chrisley’s daughter before being adopted by stepmom: 'I kind of felt like an outcast'

Jun 10, 2018
02:46 A.M.
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Growing up as an adopted child with stepsiblings is not always easy. The reality star's daughter shared how it gradually got easier for her.


Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley's 28-year-old daughter Lindsie opened up about her life as well as her experience of being adopted by her stepmother, Julie.

During a candid conversation with Kail Lowry on the podcast Coffee Convos, Lindsie talked about how she was 'included' into Julia's family after Todd divorced her mother, Teresa Terry.

“I am from my dad’s first marriage. So his last three kids are from my dad and his wife on the show. So my stepmom adopted me legally,” she told during the podcast.


Julie has three other daughters, all of whom made sure that Lindsie felt like a part of the family in every possible way. Although, she did not always feel that way.

“I kind of felt a sense of like I wanted to fit in. I kind of felt like an outcast. Even though they didn’t make me feel like that intentionally, I just felt that way,” Lindsie added.


However, she admitted that the adoption helped her overcome a sense of alienation, making her a part of the 'tribe.'

Chelsea Houska DeBoer, who was also a guest star on the show, gave her approval to Lindsie's comments explaining that she recently struggled with the same thing with her own daughter, 8-year-old Aubree.


DeBoer revealed that Aubree's father was her first husband, Adam Lind, who had little contact with his daughter. She was then adopted by her second husband, Cole DeBoer, who gave Aubree his own last name.

She further admitted that her daughter was having a good time together in the family and felt a part of it because of the shared surname.

Agreeing to DeBoer, Lindsie then stressed the fact that it was paramount for the parents to make children feel included and accepted in a family with step-siblings.