What happened when a soldier returned after 5 months and tried to greet his German Shepherd

Jun 11, 2018
12:08 A.M.
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Pets may not be able to tell us how much they love us, but they have a surprising way of showing their care for us.


US Army Officer Jimmy Brazen uploaded a video to YouTube, which recorded his pet dog's amusing reaction when he returned home after a long time.

In the description to the video, the soldier wrote that his dog, Sarge, which is a German Shepard, did not recognize him in the beginning. One can see the dog barking anxiously at him initially.

Then when Brazen started caressing the animal and allowed it to sniff him, the dog suddenly recognized his master.

From there on, the German Shepard went absolutely crazy as it jumped and hopped to lick his master's face. It started rubbing itself against his leg and even wagged its tail.


When Sarge started to show his love for his master, the soldier was also absolutely elated. He began to cheer and laugh and tried to pet the dog as he attempted to calm it down but the dog would not stop.

The woman recording the emotional footage was also excited to see the dog's reaction and its sudden recognition of its master as she immediately began to scream with joy. The children also got around the dog, exciting by the pet's antics.

There's no doubt that this reunion between a pet and its long-gone master is quite emotional as it shows how these animals surprisingly remember us even after a long period of time.

They might not have a way to tell us that they love us, but they definitely show us their love in such small gestures.