Thirsty squirrel quick to take a drink from hiker's water bottle

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 12, 2018
02:08 A.M.
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A tourist at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona offered his water to a thirsty squirrel that kept following him.


A video captured how the squirrel drank from a water bottle.

Paul Camps from Gloucester, England, and his girlfriend were sightseeing in the popular tourist spot when they noticed a squirrel acting peculiarly. Temperatures hovered around 87F at that time of the year.

"The squirrel began to follow me and put its arms up to me like it wanted picking up, I passed my water bottle to my girlfriend so I could take a picture on my phone, as I did the squirrel began to put its arms up towards my girlfriend," recalled Paul.

That's when Paul and his girlfriend realized that the little critter was asking for water. Paul let the squirrel drink from the water bottle.


The squirrel looks adorable as it holds the bottle steady in his little paws.

"Needless to say we didn't drink from the same bottle," Paul said.

Squirrels are common in the Grand Canyon National Park. Authorities usually warn tourists to keep a safe distance from the wildlife. Interacting with squirrels may result in getting scratched or bitten.


Feeding squirrels is prohibited. Park Rangers impose a fine of $125 for feeding squirrels and $75 for leaving any food or edibles unattended.

Squirrels have become used to tourists feeding them or dropping pieces of food along the trail. They have become fearless of humans. Because many tourists are feeding them, many squirrels in the area have become overweight.

Squirrel bites are common. These little critters are said to come back to bite when they are shooed away.