Dog rescued after escaping cruel owner's attempt to drown him in a river

Jun 13, 2018
12:45 A.M.
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The odds were heavily stacked against the little dog, but he managed to survive an attempt at its life.


During a casual drive along a river near her home, in Lithuania, Audra Petraskiene spotted a dog that was fully drenched.

While it seemed normal at first, upon close inspection she discovered a heavy metal attached as an anchor by the dog's neck. That's when the frightening realization hit her.

According to The Dodo, Petraskiene concluded that the dog had somehow managed to survive someone's cruel attempt at drowning it.

The dog appeared to have just come out of the nearby river despite someone's ruthless attempt at ensuring that it stayed at the bottom of the water with a makeshift anchor tied around its neck.


The woman's daughter, Andra, explained to The Dodo, "Apparently, somebody put a heavy metal item on his neck and dropped him in the river to drown. The dog was scared and shaking from cold as well."


It seemed quite miraculous that the dog had managed to lift itself above the water despite the heavy anchor that might have pulled him down.

The exact manner of his survival remains a mystery but, fortunately, the dog managed to beat the odds that were against him.

Petraskiene took the dog home and removed the metal from around his neck. She also helped to dry its soaked fur, and then took the dog to a vet for a checkup.

The woman then informed the police about the entire incident. She also expressed that she could not wait to see the person responsible for the dog's misery brought to justice.

Although the dog wasn't much injured, it is slowly recovering under Petraskiene's care. Andra admitted that the dog was a "real fighter," before praising her mother by stating that she would do everything that is best for the dog.