Animal charity forced to put down pit bull because it looked 'dangerous'

Jun 14, 2018
04:23 P.M.
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Animal charity Blue Cross had to put down a crossbreed due to a legal binding. The charity set up an appeal to the politicians to change the rule regarding dogs of a specific category. 


Blue Cross shared the story of a crossbreed dog named Duncan on Facebook. They were handed over Duncan who was in a very bad shape. He was severely malnourished and his bones were visible from his skin.

The gentle giant had a bad infection and sores all over his legs. The staff of the charity deduced that Duncan may have never been in an environment where he was loved and taken care of.

However, the charity found out the gentler side of Duncan as they took him under their shelter, took care of his health, and fed him. 


Whenever a charity takes in a stray dog, they have to report to the local government that the dog is in their care.

Unfortunately, Duncan resembled one of the breeds that are listed 'dangerous' under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991). The charity was not allowed to relocate Duncan to any other shelter and was ordered to put him down.

The charity is now pursuing a legal path to scrap the legislation and repeal the Dangerous Dogs Act which, according to them, results in needless deaths of thousand innocent dogs.

Duncan was treated by the staff at Blue Cross Victoria hospital in February 2017. The video shared that they found Duncan gentle and well behaved at the hospital.


He understood basic commands and was eager to learn more. The charity claimed that they could've easily found him a new loving home.

The national pet charity announced that they were launching a petition calling on Lord Gardiner, the parliamentary under-secretary at DEFRA, to repeal Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

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